NAILD Lighting Specialist II Training

The online LS II training and certificate provides NAILD distributor and vendor manufacturer members with the same overall benefits of the LS I program, but shifts the learning focus from lighting products to customer sales techniques. Course modules include creating value and analyzing customer buying motivations as well as focusing on applied lighting sales in retail, industrial, office and educational facilities.

Upon completion of LS II training, employees will better understand how to help your customers meet their business needs as they relate to lighting. This understanding and customer service orientation will help differentiate your business because it shifts the employee’s focus from being a product provider to a trusted solutions provider.

Who qualifies for LS II training?

To qualify for LS II, employees must have successfully completed LS I course (or final exam) and have at least one year of outside or inside sales experience with project lighting.

Where LS I focuses on the basics of lighting and technology, LS II focuses on how to apply lighting principles at your customer's facilities. NAILD LS II is a tool to help move you and your staff from the role of simply a "product provider" to the role of "solution provider."

NAILD Member Pricing: $699
IMARK Member Pricing: $799
Non-Member Pricing: $1199

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LS II Inquiries and registration, please contact the NAILD office at or call (609) 297-2216.

LS II Modules

201 Creating Value With Your Customer

202 Building A Framework

203 What Motivates Your Customer to Act

204 Applied Lighting: Retail

205 Applied Lighting: Education Facilities

206 Applied Lighting: Office

207 Applied Lighting: Industrial

208 Daylight Integration: Warehouse & Big Box Retail