NAILD Lighting Specialist-I Training

The online LS-I training and certificate provides NAILD distributor and vendor manufacturing members with a measurable and systematic way to help educate your staff, recognize their achievement and strengthen their knowledge of lighting fundamentals. The LS-I course of study has recently been updated to include information on LEDs within each module.

The LS-I program helps build staff confidence and competence in talking with customers about lighting products and guiding their buying decisions:

LS-I Benefits

  • Increase new or mid-level employees’ knowledge and expertise in lighting basics and lighting products
  • Build the bench strength of your lighting department and sales employees so they sell lighting products more effectively
  • Strengthen customer relationships and grow sales
  • Enhance employee retention by demonstrating the company values the employee candidates receive by investing in their professional development

Who Should Enroll for LS-I Training?

LS-I training on lighting fundamentals cuts the learning curve for employees that strive to become lighting experts:

  • New and mid-level employees who work in lighting, or want to learn more about the lighting category
  • Counter and customer service staff
  • Inside and outside sales people
  • Administrative staff

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NAILD Lighting Specialist-I

The new and updated NAILD LS-I course is made up of 8 learning modules with quizzes, a Qualification to take the Final Exam module and a two part final exam.

The entire course is provided online and on demand through NAILD University on BlueVolt, an online learning management system that provides extended learning experiences for a variety of groups and associations.

Upon successful completion, the student graduates and receives a certificate, a pin, and use of the LS I appellation.

Being that the course is completely on demand, the suggested time frame for completion can be as short as 2-3 weeks to the maximum time allowed of 6 months. 

The primary objective of this course is for the student to become competent and confident in their knowledge of lighting concepts, so working at their own pace is key for the student to be successful and learn as much as possible.

NAILD’s LS-I Program uses a self-paced yet challenging “blended learning” approach which combines the best of technical instruction with user-friendly opportunities for hands-on experience to provide a highly powerful and effective training tool. The newly-revised LS-I Program helps candidates understand how and when to transition their customers from traditional technologies to solid state lighting (LEDs) and consists of the following ‘Building Block’ approach to lighting proficiency.

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IMARK Member Pricing: $399
NEMRA Member Pricing: $399
Non-Member Pricing: $499

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For a highlight of the Modules, see below.

NAILD LS-I Modules – Transition from Legacy Sources to LED.

LS 101 Course Overview

LS 102 Introduction to Sources

LS 103 Light and Color

LS 104 The Eye and How We See

LS 105 Solid State Lighting (LED) Lamps

LS 106 Transition: Filament to LED

LS 107 Transition: Fluorescent to LED

LS 108 Transition: High Intensity Discharge (HID) to LED

LS 109 Qualification to Take the Final Exam

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“Our company uses LS-I as training for all of our new hires because the program breaks things down into small, manageable bites that you can focus on. It takes incoming sales people with no experience to the point where they can talk to customers technically and accurately about lighting. I’ve been in the lighting industry for six years and it is a great course for people who have been in lighting for a while, like me, because it helps familiarize you with all aspects of the technology and connects a lot of dots.”
Alison Hayes, Inside Sales, Pacific Lamp Supply Co. (Seattle, WA)

“LS-I covers all of the basics, from ballasts to lamps to LEDs, in an easy-to-use online format that’s great for distributors, contractors, and manufacturers’ reps. We’ve had a number of employees complete it and have found that the LS-I program has taken them from just doing their job to having the confidence to help sell lamps and other components as well, which has been an unanticipated benefit. We’re putting all of our new people through the training because it takes a user’s proficiency from 0-10 quickly and affordably.”
Kevin Eagan, Co-Owner, Northwest Lighting Systems (Burnsville, MN)

“I had been in lighting for three years when I took the LS-I course; it provided a thorough overview and is a great way to introduce someone to the industry. It takes a while to get comfortable with lighting, but this course can really help shortcut the process. I had been to several manufacturer-sponsored training programs in the past, but LS-I was by far the best lighting training I have taken. I took the course at my own pace and it gave me a good background for the entire lighting industry, not just from the perspective of any one manufacturer’s offering. It’s the best lighting training option out there for new hires and is also a great refresher for people who have been in the industry for a while.”
Greg Ehrich, Vice President, Premier Lighting (St. Paul, MN)