Illuminate U

Illuminate U: An Opportunity to Learn New Lighting Insights

Illuminate U is a series of live webinars featuring an industry leader or expert, delivering a virtual presentation on relevant lighting industry topics. As a member benefit NAILD hosts these webinars to engage members while to listen and discuss various topics related to lighting and business. The goal is to educate and equip our members with the knowledge needed for lighting and business success. Participants have the opportunity to post questions during the presentation. From the convenience of your own office or conference room, you and your colleagues will have another great educational resource. All webinars are free to NAILD members and $50 for non-members.


The Power to Progress — Sign Up for this Program Today!

Tuesday, May 15th 1:00pm ET
presented by Mark Lien, industry relations manager, IES

Join Mark Lien, industry relations manager, IES on Tuesday, May 15th at 1:00pm ET as he discusses The Power to Progress. The disruption that our lighting community is experiencing offers unprecedented opportunities. We will create more wealth in the next ten years than the previous hundred. There is easier access now to capital, knowledge and expertise and advanced technologies than ever before. The cost of food, transportation, communications and energy have fallen dramatically over the past century. LED lighting has faced demonetization and has become competitive with traditional sources making it accessible and preferable to most consumers. Miniaturization, integration into the electrical infrastructure of buildings and SSL morphing with other trades is already occurring. The pace of future progress will quicken and lighting professionals who embrace it will be rewarded. We ultimately cannot protect the past from the future. The promise of progress is available to whoever best understands and addresses the exponential growth shifts we are facing. Attend this session for a glimpse at the promise and a message on how to enjoy and benefit from the transformation we are experiencing.  

Lumens as a Service — Sign Up for this Program Today!

Tuesday, June 12th 1:00pm ET
presented by Iain Campbell, managing director, Rocky Mountain Insitute

Join Iain Campbell on Tuesday, June 12th at 1:00pm ET as he discusses Lumens as a Service. Service-based lighting models accelerate the deployment of smart LED technology and provide incremental revenue streams for installers and contractors. Learn how Distributors can develop relationships with the specialized financiers behind this innovative new model to deliver significant value to clients and secure market advantage.  

If you cannot attend these live webinars, they will be recorded and posted in the Member's Only section of the NAILD website. You will need your members-only login information to view.

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Each webinar/webcast will be recorded and provided on the Webinar Archive page on the NAILD Member Login portal. Click here to access our past webinars. 

Past topics have included:

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