Throughout the years NAILD has continued to evolve and change with the lighting industry by offering leading educational programs and a forum, including regularly updating, enhancing, and expanding LS programs, and featuring forward thinking education such as controls and LEDs. NAILD was the first association for independent lighting distributors, giving them access to manufacturers on a greater scale, which helped to drive products to market. NAILD built a leading industry training certificate program that educates hundreds of individuals within the lighting industry, and has helped to bring together lighting distributors with major manufacturers in an intimate setting designed for networking to help facilitate business.

NAILD is the National Association of Innovative Lighting Distributors

NAILD Objectives: Powering Your Profitability

Increasing the effectiveness and business success of lighting distributors, suppliers and lighting professionals through a variety of industry-leading educational programs

Providing members with market intelligence, information and resources that improve their business and the profitable distribution of commercial lighting technologies

Developing marketing programs to improve facility end-user awareness of the financial benefits of energy-efficient lighting and member participation in vendor manufacturer marketing programs

Promoting the environmental intelligence and financial ROI of effective, energy- efficient and well-designed lighting

Take a Look at Us Now

To fully leverage NAILD’s new opportunities in the rapidly changing lighting marketplace, the association recently retained a marketing, event management and membership partner.

We are working closely with this award-winning firm to strengthen NAILD’s brand evangelism, print and digital communications, Annual Conference development, membership services, public relations and social media outreach.

As part of these market-charging initiatives, we are increasing the interactivity of our Annual Conference experience to enhance member networking opportunities. NAILD’s Lighting Specialist l training includes LED content to our keep members on the cutting edge of lighting trends. NAILD Lighting Specialist II program is being revised to help lighting professionals can now focus their expertise on specific market segments. The revamped and innovative LS II program will give you a methodical, step-by-step process to help get to the same level of knowledge as someone who has been in the industry for several years.